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This page was last updated on 10/1/2021

New Wee Forest Folk and New Colors for 2021!
Some pieces are limited in availability! Order Now!!


New Limited Sculpture for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! (10/1/2021) Available until October 31st, 2021

M-693g Sending Love & Hope

New Sculptures for Halloween! (9/15/2021)

M-710 Mouse Racer
M-710 Mouse Racer
M-711 Pumpkin Snowman
M-712 Luna Mouse
M-713 The Storyteller
M-713 The Storyteller

New Limited Sculptures for Halloween! (9/15/2021) Available until November 15th, 2021

M-707a Unique Unicorn
M-669c Gone Bananas!
M-677a Bat Boo Boo Rescue
M-711 Pumpkin Snowman

New Incentive for Halloween! (9/15/2021) Available until October 31st, 2021

INC-20 Mini Cupcakes
Call store for details!

New Limited Sculptures for Back to School! (9/3/2021) Available until October 15th, 2021

M-612a Snack Time! (green)
M-612a Snack Time! (yellow)

New Incentive for Back to School! (9/3/2021) Available until October 15th, 2021

INC-19 Mini School Books
Call for details!

New Sculptures for Summer! (7/28/2021)

M-709 Come out and play-it's Halloween!

New Limited Sculptures for Summer! (6/25/2021)

M-270d1 Palm Beach Pickup
$274 Available until 11/15/21
M-349f Sun and Games!
$98 Available until 9/1/21
A-62 Sunshine Float
$88 Available until 9/1/21

New Sculptures for Summer! (6/25/2021)

M-691a Beach Buddies (purple)
M-708 Perfect Beach Day!

New Incentive for Summer! (6/25/2021)

INC-18 Tiny Beach Toys
Call for details!

New Limited Sculptures for July 4th! (6/2/2021) Limited until September 1st, 2021

M-514a Star Spangled Snoozers
M-499c My Country Heart
A-61 RWB Float

New Incentive! (6/2/2021)

INC-17 Tiny Patriotic Cookies
Call for details!

New Sculpture for Father's Day! (5/11/2021)

M-676a Reel Chums

New Limited Sculptures for Annette's 102th Birthday! (5/11/2021) Limited until July 15th, 2021

M-611a Wee Wishes
M-611a Wee Wishes

New Sculptures for XXXX! (5/11/2021)

INC-16 Tiny Slice of Cake
Call for details

New Limited Sculptures for Mother's Day! (4/16/2021) Limited to July 15th, 2021

M-693f Mom's Special Day
M-693f Mom's Special Day

New Incentive! (4/16/2021) Available until May 10th, 2021

INC-15 Mini Flower Pots
Call for details!

New Sculptures for Easter! (3/4/2021)

M-707 Poached Easter Eggs
M-631c Easter Egg Cut Outs
$114 Limited until June 15th, 2021

New Incentive for Easter! (3/4/2021)

INC-14 Tiny Easter Basket
3 Colors!
Free with any mouse or bunny order until April 5th, 2021

New Limited Sculptures for St. Patrick's Day! (2/22/2021) Limited to May 15th, 2021

M-580a Lucky Lassie
M-465b Irish Smooch

New Sculptures for Valentine's Day! (1/30/2021)

M-705 Saucer Sliders
M-706a Loads of Love (pink)
M-706b Loads of Love (blue)

New Incentive! (12/4/2020)

Tiny Present
One FREE! with Christmas purchase of $100 or more

New Sculptures for Christmas! (12/3/2020)

M-702 Taste Tester!
M-703 Gingerbread Boy
M-704 Vintage Chris-Miss
M-653a Holly Honeys

New Limited Sculpture for Christmas! (12/3/2020) Available until February 1, 2021

M-453r Snowman Makings

New Sculptures for Thanksgiving! (11/12/2020)

M-700 Bon App├ętit Mon Ami!
M-701 Leaf Lovers

New Limited Sculptures for Halloween! (10/6/2020)

B-29a Dia De Muerto Bunny
$114 Limited until November 15th, 2020
A-59 Beary Pink Bear
$56 Limited until October 31st, 2020

New Sculptures for Halloween! (10/6/2020)

M-697 Spiffy Spider
M-698 Halloween Haul
M-699 My Wee Honey Bee
B-33 Our Healing Hero


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