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This page was last updated on 11/22/2019

New Wee Forest Folk and New Colors for 2019!
Some pieces are limited in availability! Order Now!!


New Limited Sculptures for Christmas! (11/22/2019) Limited until February 1st, 2020

M-453q Cozy Carriage
M-551a Wishing Upon a Star
M-550a North Pole Elves
M-180a Chilly Dog (purple)
M-180a Chilly Dog (teal)

New Sculptures for Christmas! (11/22/2019)

M-681a Christmas Pop Up (girl)
M-681b Christmas Pop Up (boy)
M-682 Dala Horse Elves
M-684 Christmas Bow Bonnet
M-683a Rudolph Rucksack (girl)
M-683b Rudolph Rucksack (boy)
M-685 Just for Yule!(red)
M-685 Just for Yule! (teal)
M-674c Christmas Curio (full)
M-674d Christmas Curio (empty)
A-57 Chris-Mouse Pageant in Miniature
M-032m Mini Chris-Miss
M-033m Mini Chris-Mouse
M-064m Mini Lone Caroler
M-087m Mini Holly Mouse
M-117m Mini Chris-Mouse Pageant
M-121am Mini Wise Man with Turban
M-121bm Mini Wise Man in Robe
M-121cm Mini Wise Man Kneeling
M-122am Mini Shepherd Kneeling
M-122bm Mini Shepherd Standing
M-144m Mini Pageant Stable
M-145am Mini Pageant Angel
M-146m Mini Miss Noel
M-164m Mini Father Chris-Mouse
M-166m Mini Chris-Mouse Slipper

New Sculptures for Thanksgiving! (11/6/2019)

M-679 Pilgrim Pickup
M-680 Horn of Plenty Mousey

New Limited Sculptures for Halloween! (9/25/2019) Limited until January 15th, 2020

A-56 Hay Bale
SA-3a Playing With Dragons
M-457a Proud Peacock
M-546a Humpty's Wall
M-669b Humpty Dumpty
M-185e Pee Wee Peanut
M-61a Enormouse Elephant

New Sculptures for Halloween! (9/25/2019)

M-216m Mini Little Pirate Kidd
M-62m Mini Little Ghost
M-61m Mini Little Devil
M-120m Mini Witchy Boo!
M-154m Mini Bat Mouse
M-157m Mini Skeleton
M-675 Speedy Snail
M-676 Halloween Hobo
M-674a Collector's Halloween Curio (full)
M-674b Collector's Halloween Curio (empty)
M-678 Crows Nest
M-677 Parking for a Spell
M-619a Wee Halloween Bungalow
B-27P White Dove of Hope
$116.00 Limited until October 31st, 2019

New Sculpture for Fall! (9/6/2019)

M-672 Wee Johnny Appleseed

New Limited Sculptures for Summer! (8/1/2019) Limited until September 15th, 2019

A-55 Playful Pup
M-189e Beach Bambino
M-294a Joy Ride!
MS-24c Gear Up!


New Sculpture for Summer! (8/1/2019)

M-650a Neapolitan Delight!


New Sculptures for Annette's 100th Birthday! (6/27/2019)

M-674 Collector's Curio
$398.00 Miniatures may be customized
M-19m Mini Babysitter
M-22m Mini Miss Pell
M-40m Mini Miss Bobbin
M-41m Mini Fisher Mouse
M-71m Mini Arty Mouse
M-89m Mini Poorest Angel
M-110m Mini Traveling Mouse
M-171m Mini Zelda
M-180m Mini April Showers
M-222m Mini The Graduate
M-224m Mini Party Girl
M-171a Zelda's 100th!
$128.00 Limited until December 31st, 2019
M-673 Icing on the Cake!


New Limited Sculptures for July 4th! (5/22/2019)

M-078a Moon Mouse Salute
$108.00 Limited until December 31st, 2019
A-54 Patriotic Pets
$168.00 Limited until September 15th, 2019
M-639b Happiness with Sprinkles in July
$182.00 Limited until September 15th, 2019
M-537a S'more Patriotism
$138.00 Limited until September 15th, 2019


New Sculptures for Mother's Day! (4/26/2019)

M-671 Love Bundle (Boy)
M-671 Love Bundle (Girl)
M-569a A Mother's Day Morning
$128.00 Limited until May 15th, 2019


New Limited Easter Releases! (3/20/2019) Limited until June 15th, 2019

A-49c Bunny Trail Sign Post
M-669a Egg-stravagant
M-608a Easter Egg-citement


New Easter Releases! (3/20/2019)

M-459a Cherry Blossom Girl
A-53 Easter on the Half Shell
A-52 Cute Little Bunnies
B-31a Come to Bunny! (Girl)
B-31b Come to Bunny! (Boy)
M-670 Easter Hatchling
M-669 Cracking Up!
B-30 Sweet Creme
M-668 Easter Welcome Wagon

New Limited St. Patrick's Day Releases! (2/21/2019) Limited until May 15th, 2019


M-438c L'il Irish Lassie
M-393b Wee Lucky Lady

New Year Releases! (1/30/2019)


  M-667 Bear Hug
M-665 Sweet Snuggle

Limited New Year Releases! (1/30/2019) Limited until Sept. 1, 2019


M-418d Ice Love Sculpture
$129.00 May be customized for additional fee.
M-397c Snowman Smiles
M-390a The Bell Tones
M-402a Winner by a Whisker
M-429a Sweet & Snowy
M-418c Crystal Creation
A-51 Snowy Tree & Bunny
A-50 Winter Carnival Welcome



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