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This page was last updated on 7/13/2018

New Wee Forest Folk and New Colors for 2018!
Some pieces are limited in availability! Order Now!!

New Sculptures for Summer! (7/13/2018)

M-396 Daisy Chain (white)
M-638 Pint-Sized Picker
M-639 Happiness with Sprinkles
Wee Flower Mouse of the month! (7/13/2018)

M-640a Wee Flower Mouse-January
M-640b Wee Flower Mouse-February
M-640c Wee Flower Mouse-March
M-640d Wee Flower Mouse-April
M-640e Wee Flower Mouse-May
M-640f Wee Flower Mouse-June
M-640g Wee Flower Mouse-July
M-640h Wee Flower Mouse-August
M-640i Wee Flower Mouse-September
M-640j Wee Flower Mouse-October
M-640k Wee Flower Mouse-November
M-640l Wee Flower Mouse-December

New Limited Sculptures for July 4th! (5/22/2018) Limited until August 31st, 2018

MS-32a Flag Service
MS-22a Double the Fun!
M-631a Star Spangled
M-321e Rocket Pop Reveler

New Customizable Yummy! (5/22/2018)

M-277cus customizable Yummy!
$63.00 ice cream flavor may be customized
(extra charge for very detailed work)

New Sculptures for Mother's Day! (4/18/2018)

M-636b-Boy To Mom With Love! (Boy)
M-636a-Girl To Mom With Love! (Girl)
M-624a Spring Butterflies
M-637 May Flowers
B-27 Bluebird of Happiness

New Limited Sculptures for Mother's Day! (4/18/2018) Limited until July 1, 2018

M-561a-Boy Best Mom! (Boy)
M-561a-Girl Best Mom! (Girl)
Balloon may be customized with a name for an additional $5

New Sculpture for St. Patrick's Day! (2/21/2018)

M-633 Fiddler's Green

New Sculptures for Valentine's Day! (1/19/2018)

M-634 Loving You!
M-635 Soda Sippers
B-26 Bundle Up Bunny
A-46 Lovable Puppy
A-47 Sweet Kitty

New Sculptures for Christmas! (11/9/2017)

M-625 Close Knit Couple
M-626 Catching Crystals
M-627 Ringing in Christmas!
M-628 Ole' St. Nick
M-629 Holly Express
M-629a Holly Express Ornament
M-630 Pulling Together
M-631 Christmas Crafter
M-632 Barrow of Fun!
B-24 Finishing Touches
B-25 Helpful Hare

New Limited Sculptures for Fall! (10/4/2017) Limited until 10/1/18

A-43 Pumpkins Aplenty
A-44 Hay Bale Treats
A-45 A Winking Welcome
M-311g Sunflower Smiles
M-321d First Prize Pie
M-397b Sunflower Shutterbug
M-438a The Swinging Sunflowers
M-453j Harvest Engine
M-453k Harvest Train Car
M-466c Piggy Petting Zoo
M-553b Sharing Sisters

New Sculptures for Halloween! (9/5/2017)

M-614 Pumpkin Patch Work
M-615a Wee Wonder
M-615b Mighty Mousey
M-616 The Fledgling
M-617 Plumpkin
M-618 Cat & Mouse Game
M-619 Wee Pumpkin Bungalow
M-620 Sunny Bright Rainbow
M-621 Sweet Pea
M-623 Broom to the Moon!
M-623a Broom to the Moon! (Ornament)
M-622 Shark in the Dark!
M-624 Butterfly Love
M-586a Toothy Twosome
B-23 Johnny Apple Bunny


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